Current  Status of the
Bavarian Mountain Blood
hound  in the
United States
As of the Spring of 2008 there were about 60 registered and 60 unregistered individual Bavarian Mountain Hounds
(BMH) in the United States. About 2-4 BMH's are being imported each year from around Europe. Most have come from
Poland, but other countries are also represented like Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Check Republic and the UK.

At this time there are no clubs for the BMH here in the United States. Though there is a loose knit group of people who
are working to promote the BMH here in the United States. Most of the dogs being imported have their FCI registration.
With this FCI registration and the JGHV stamp on the pedigree the dogs should be eligible to take the VsWP blood
tracking test under the JGHV. Any breed of dog registered or unregistered will be able to take the UBT tracking test.

Some dogs have found themselves working in several fields besides being used as blood tracking dogs. There are
several dogs that are being trained in search and rescue, avalanche recovery, drug dogs, and some as bomb dogs.
Just as tracking wounded game uses their exceptional nose so do all of these different jobs.  I am sure that each dog will
excel at its work.

Our dogs here at Hillock Kennels are registered with  the FCI in Puerto Rico. This is the direction in which we were told
to go by the headquarters of the FCI in Germany. They stated that Puerto Rico was our representative for North
America and whatever they say goes as far as testing and breeding. We hope to one day have a recognized club for the
BMH here in the United States. This will only occur if we follow the strict standards that have been set forth for this breed
by the BMH club in Munich, Germany.
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Club for Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds
Update on Status   Recently (Feb. 08) the German BGS club has formed a world BGS club to bring all
BMH clubs together under one umbrella. This is very good news for all BMH owners. This is still a lot of planning to do
and it has got a long way to go. But this will eventually helps us here in the United States to organize and make sure that
the best is being done to keep the BMH true to its purpose and breed characteristics. I hope to be going to German this
coming Dec to get more info and learn more about the breed many have come to love.
There is a VWsP tracking test scheduled for late March 2012. If both dogs imported from Germany back in 2009 pass
their tracking test then look for the first recognized litter of BGS in North America to be born sometime in late 2012.
There were 2 new pups imported the summer of 2011. One pup was imported from Germany and went to British
Columbia up in Canada. The other was imprted from Austria and went to Virgina. We look forward to following their
progress through the years.
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