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I am currently the Wildland fire specialist and a wildland firefighter with the Georgia Forestry Commission.  I have been
fighting fires since March of 1993. During that time I have also traveled to Florida, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and
California to fight forest fires during the summer months when called upon to do so.

I hold 2 associate degrees from Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College in Tifton, Georgia. The first degree is in Forestry
and the second is in Wildlife Management.

I have been married to my beautiful wife since  1997. We have 3 "children" for now, 1 cat and 2 BGS dogs, They are so
spoiled I wish the IRS would allow us to claim them.

I have been hunting since I was 13 and enjoy the pursuit of whitetail deer the most. But I do not miss an opportunity to
get into the woods after what ever game is in season if my schedule and the opportunity arises. Fishing ranks high up
there on the list of things to do in the spring to relax. I have taken several deer every year except 1 since I was 14. Most
of the deer have been does and many small bucks for food, But I have also been blessed to have taken several fine
bucks in those years.

I am currently C
hairman  of the BGS-GNA our breed group here in the United States

Back in 1999 dad started talking about getting a tracking dog, after some research he imported his first of many
Bavarian Mountain Hounds
(BGS). This male came from Norway. This was my first exposure to this breed. Then in 2003
dad imported 3 more B
GS's from Poland. He kept a female, sold the male to Dan Kendale from Miami, Fl., and offered
me the other female, of course I said yes. I saw this as an opportunity to carry my hunting to the next level. I have had a
few deer run off in my life, most I was able to track but a few I never found. I knew this was an opportunity to help myself
as i was getting back into bow hunting after many years away from it and to help other hunters.

My first year with my female "Baby" was spent training on a regular bases and trying to get her on as many real tracks
as possible during that first year. Our second year Baby had progressed to the point I felt she could track for other
hunters. We took 19 calls with a 50% find rate. Our second full year was a good/bad year. Baby worked really hard on
some old very long track just to be called off by the hunter and myself when we felt that we would never catch up to the
animal. We took 13 calls with 3 resulting in finds of which 2 could have been easily found by the hunter but he allowed
us to work the lines after the deer had laid there a while. You can read more about the different tracks under each of the
different hunting years.

In Feb of 2007 we took part in a JGHV 20 blood tracking test and passed. Baby became the first Bavarian Mountain
Hound to take and pass the test here in the United States. Then a few months later I was accepted into the German
BGS club. This was a great honor as this organization of Bavarian owners is very tough to break into. I hope this opens
more doors to allow a club to be formed here in the States. This is my next goal that I will be working on.

Dec of 2008 I was able to go spend 12 days in Germany watching many BGS work. I was also able to set down with
some of the board members and discuss what we would need to do to have a club here in the United States. I left with a
better understanding of the breed and a hope that all my work was finally paying off and that there would now be a club
for the BGS here. I was basically appointed by the club to be the head of the BGS-GNA.

July 2009 I got a male pup Mirko from Germany
.  In 2009 Baby went on to get a prize one in the 40 hr VSwP tracking

Mirko also went on to pass his 20 hr VSwP in 2012 with a prize 1. Both dogs and handler have gone on to have a very
successful tracking carrier with a lifetime recovery rate at just over 50% while working on lead.   
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