Blood tracking Services
If you need assistance with recovering a wounded animal within 60 miles of Griffin, Ga give me a call at
770-468-5459. If i do not answer please leave a message I will get back in touch as soon as I can. Due to the
ever increasing fuel cost I will be charging  a minimum of $60 to show up anywhere under 24 miles and
another $1.25 a mile for every mile over the 24 miles and an additional $20 when and if the animal is
recovered. My availability depends on my work schedule and my on-call schedule. I have traveled further but
again it just depends on my work. I am off most Mondays so I am available to travel and track most any
Monday. Most of Lamar, all of Pike and all of Spalding county are within the minimum fees range.

Two WMA's are close enough to track at if I am off call. Charlie Elliott is approximately 50 miles from the
house, so it would be about $90.00 to show up and another $20 when and if the animal is found.  Joe Kurz is
24 miles away so the minimum fee of $60 would apply to show up and another $20 when and if the animal is

At this time I have only tracked deer but I am looking forward to my first hog tracking job and possibly a bear if
the chance arises.
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