Recoveries from over the years
Baby's first find for a client
What it is all about, the smile
when you find that first deer for
a kid.
2.02 mile
tracking job
on a 6 hr
old track
Recovered 12 hrs after being shot
and having to cross another blood
trail from a pig the hunter shot just
minutes after shooting the deer.
Found alive 5 hrs
after being shot.
Left over night and
recovered the next
morning withing 30
yards of were we
left him.
Another satisfied hunter
Repeat customer.
Mirko with his second
recovery at 6 months
old, original track was
16 hrs old, then
jumped the deer and
went about a mile
Mirko with his first
recovery at 6
months old. 2 hrs
old track about 300
yards and through
several patches of
standing water
down in a bottom
One of our toughest tracks. Tracked first night
for almost 3 miles. Lost track came back next day
and picked up a trail but had to stop. Third day
another hunter in the party shot him chasing
does and he still ran off and needed tracking.
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