BMH Links  

Club for the Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound In Munich, Germany  
This link has a lot of good information about the BMH but it is a translation and as such some of the text does not

Breed Characteristics  
FCI Breed standard for the Bavarian Mountain Hound  

Tracking Organizations/ other trackers web sites  

United Blood Trackers  
National organization formed to promote the use of tracking dogs. They are an up and coming dog organization.  

Deer Search Inc.   
Tracking Organization based out of New York. Some very good information about tracking dogs can be found on this
web site.  

Illinois Trackers    Henry Holt's web site for his Madison county based tracking service.

Texas Trackers    Good source of info on tracking wounded deer with dogs in Texas.


This is the kennel of John and Jolanta Jeanneney. Raising Wire haired Dachshund. Excellent little trackers.  

vom Moorehaus Deutsch-Drahtaar
Drahtaar versatile hunting dogs. Excellent site for anyone interested in a hunting dog of any kind. A lot of useful
information about gun/hunting dogs in general.  

Vom Klaren Bach Kennel    Kevin Breaux, a breeder of wirehaired dachshunds, Copperas Cove, TX.

Others with Bavarian Mountain Hounds bow hunting pressured whitetails
Chris Eberheart Is promoting Bow hunting across Europe. He has also fallen in love with the Bavarian Mountain Hound
and their capabilities as a tracking dog. Chris has 2 from Germany.  


Trout bum tracking forum
A good place to gather information before you purchase a tracking dog or to learn about training techniques. Please
read down the forum as a lot of questions have already been answered  many times. But if you do not find what you are
looking for by all means ask  there are many people on the site that are willing to help.  

Ga Outdoor News Forum  
            Just a couple of hunting forums I like to hang out in.  
Hunting Net   

Archery Talk

Tracking Supplies

United Blood Trackers Store

Other Dog Breed Organizations  Welcome to the Official Website of the Vereinigter CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub (VCDKK).   Verein Deutsch Drahthaar Group North America

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Dogs- The #1 Resource Site On Dogs - dogs articles and resources.

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