Hillock Kennels

Williamson Ga 30292
Ken Parker
Hillock Kennels is a proud member of these organizations.
Club for Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds
Pictures from my
Germany trip.
A few pictures from a hare hunt. No dogs used except for retrieving. They whole community
showed up to drive hare for the hunters.
The mid day count
Back to the hunt
End of the day numbers
Animals shot during a one day hunt at a military installation.
Terry and Sepp with a Red deer.
Pictures from a shooting House Looking for Boer for the hunters to shot later
in the week.
Pictures from a 2 day hunt.
Ceremony area where all the  
animals shot over the past two
days were displayed and the
report on what was killed was
Trophy room of one of my host.
Roe deer
Red Stag
Red stag and Boer
The final hunt, tracking in the snow, trophies from the years hunting.
After dinner meal provided for all dog
handlers. Also the first time to sit down
with the entire group a one time and
discuss the future of the BGS in
Getting assigned
our tracking jobs.
Lunch break
Pushing animals for a
mall hunt the day
before the main event.
More snow than they had seen in a long
time. Made the hunting tuff as the animals
held tight to their beding areas even with the
dogs. Only shot about 300 animals of the
hunt and needed to shot between 500-600
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