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We had 5 beautiful pups, 4 female
and one male. They went to working  
homes in Texas, New York, Louisiana,
Florida and Michigan. B litter pup info.
Successful completion of the JGHV 20 hour
blood tracking test (VsWP) Feb 2 2007
Prize III
Standing left to right  Judge: Leonard Chase Basco, IL  Sr. Judge: Jörg
Table  Germany   Test Director: Fred Turjan Mifflinburg, PA  Kneeling Ken
Parker and Baby with our hog that was at the end of the track.
We passed our 20 hr JGHV blood tracking test Friday.  There is usually only 1 of these test offered each year in this
country and less than 6 dogs take it. This time 5 tried and only 3 passed. Here are the details.

I took this test under the
Southeastern hunt chapter of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar. They are a member of the JGHV
testing organization. This is the German testing organization for hunting dogs. I will set the test up for you. It is a 1000
meters (.6 miles) with .250 ml of blood ( 1 cup) aged a minimum of 20hrs (ours was 25 1/2 hrs old when we started. The
trail was laid with hog blood and Baby had never worked a blood trail with hog blood. In fact she had never even smelt or
seen a  hog. It was laid right after it had rained 3 inches and then after it was laid the rain started again and it rained
most of the evening and night for a total of about 1.5 inches more on the track.

We started off in the pines and went down hill for a long ways before breaking out into some hardwoods. Here we turned
right and worked our way down to a creek were we followed along the creek for what seemed like a very long time. About
30 minutes into this section of the track Baby was checking many crossing along the creek she indicated that she had
found the spot were the deer crossed and she went across and up the hill. At this point she was tracking but not really
pulling and that is when it happened I got a call-back for being to far from the track. At this point I was asked were I
wanted to restart as the judges can not bring you back to the trail only to a point you indicate you want to goto. I choose
to go back to the creek but remain on the new side of the creek. So we went back and started at the crossing. We did
not even make it up over the hill but at a different angle when we got our second. I was just getting ready to call Baby
back because something did not feel right but I did not do it in time. This time I choose to go back across the creek to
the original side and work the trail before the crossing. This time baby worked up to the crossing checked it and went
on. This is were I should have started over at the first time. We eventually did cross the creek. From then till the end no
problems. We finished in just under 70 minutes. I will try to take the test again next year if offered to improve my score. A
dog is only allowed to take the test 3 times and only allowed to pass 2 times. I will also take the 40 hour tracking test
then. I blame her for the first call back and I will take responsibility for not properly handling her on the second call back.
I should have taken her back the first time to the original side of the creek to make sure that the turn was correct. If this
had been a real track she would have worked out a little further and then turned back when she figured out it was not
the right track. But in the test the dog is not allowed that freedom and must stay close to the track.
Feb. 13 2009
JGHV VSwP 40 tracking test
Baby finished with a Prize 1 on
her 40 hr to become one of
only a handful of dogs to have
done so in America.
Too the left  are all the dogs that past that
weekend. Besides myself and Baby there was a
Teckle that passed the 20 hr with a Prize 1, Ana
and her DD passed with a Prize 2 and Mike with
his DD passed with a Prize 1  the 40 hr
Feb 09 40 hr VsWP Tracking Test
2008 Elk Tracking trip to Ky
tracking dogs for the 2008 bull Elk hunt. There were about 125 tags drawn for the bull hunt the first week of Oct. This
was organized in a manner to introduce blood tracking dogs to the hunters. We split into 2 groups so that the entire
hunting area could be covered. The group I was with got to stay in motels while the other group camped. Out of 6 of us
3 got to track and one more came out to re run a line that I was having difficulty with. Saturday morning a group of
hunters I had meet the previous night called and stated that they had hit a bull but had very little blood. It took me about
40 minutes to drive to where they were. Baby started out well but quickly got over whelmed by the scent in the woods. I
have never been in the woods where I could smell the animal like this. The smell was so strong and coming from
everywhere. The temps were in the low 70. Baby worked up through the woods and never found anymore blood so I
decided to restart her. She started well again but soon after she got into the woods she threw up and had very loose
stool. I had not brought much water from the house and was using tap water from the motel for her to drink. I do not
know if that was it or not, but next time I do something like this I will have her enough water from home for the whole trip
just in case. I decide to call in another dog to rework the line and they never found another drop of blood. Anna got to
track a very good one and found a wound bed and jumped the bull. The bull got up and moved like it was not even hurt
so they called it off after almost a mile of straight up and down terrain. The third bull that was tracked was actually bayed
by the dog. The hunter never showed up and after 45 minutes and the dog getting kicked he broke and got away. The
tracked said it was a flesh wound and it was decided to call off the track.  This group is going back in Dec to provide the
tracking dogs for the Elk cow hunt. They are taking more dogs since there are 400 tags for this. Here are some pictures
of us at the check in with one of the bulls that was brought in. This is scheduled to be an annual event. As the word gets
out I see more and more people taking advantage of this service.